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Effective as of: 12/20/2012
Fee Schedule
Operational Fees:
MembershipNO FEE
Monthly Service ChargeNO FEE
Statement Copy$5.00/page
Account History Copy$5.00/page
Inactive Account$10.00/month
(Account balance below $100, no activity 1 year)
Unlocatable Account feeentire balance
(return mail for 3 mths and unable to locate by other means)
Outgoing Wire20.00
Return Mail/Address Correction Fee$5.00
Christmas Club Withdrawl Fee$10.00
Excessive Withdrawl Fee$5.00 each
(after 3 per month)
Returned Deposit Item$10.00
 -overdraws account$30.00
 -loan payment$30.00
NSF ACH Debit Fee$30.00
NSF Item Fee$30.00
ACH Stop Payment Fee$30.00
Merchant Check Collection Fee$10.00
Draft Collection Fee$15.00
Garnishment Processing Fee$50.00
Close Account within 90 days Fee$20.00
Rejoining Fee within 90 days$20.00
Research Fee (per hour)$25.00
Cashier's Check$10.00
Corporate Check payable to 3rd party$10.00
Stop Payment: Credit Union Check- Cost
Notary ServiceNO FEE
Mortgage Verification of DepositNO FEE
Gift Card Fee$3.00
Share Draft/Checking Account:
Monthly Service ChargeNO FEE
Manual Processing Fee$3.00
NSF Item Fee$30.00
Stop Payment Fee$30.00
Force Paid Check Fee$30.00
Share Overdraft Transfer aftr 3$15.00
NSF Paid Overdraft$30.00/check
Share Draft Copy Fee$5.00
Account Reconciled/Research$25.00/hour
Share Draft/Check printingvaries
Per Share Draft/CheckNO FEE
Replacement Card Fee$20.00
ATM Withdrawal or Transfer:
 -CU24 Network TransactionsNO FEE
 -Other Network Transactions$1.00
 -PIN Reissue/replacement fee$1.00
Inquiry Transactions(over 3/month).50/each
NSF Debit Card Withdrawal Fee$30.00
Denied Withdrawal for Non Sufficient Account Balance$1.00
Eagle Express - Audio Response:
Personal Identification NumberNO FEE
Verify Account BalanceNO FEE
Account History
Verify Cleared Items
Transfer Funds
Withdrawal by Check
IRA(Individual Retirement Account)
Account Setup$5.00
Annual Maintenance$8.00
Safe Deposit Box Fee
 -Lost key/drilling fee$20.00 plus cost
Loan Fees:
UCC Filing Fee$10.00
Vehicle Title Filing Fee$10.00