Real Estate

First Mortgage, Purchase:

1. Affiliate processor, CU Members Mortgage - Up to 30 years financing. Optional interest rates, fixed or variable. 1-800-635-7128.

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2. Loans booked on Credit Union - Up to 15 years financing, rate: Prime Rate with a floor of 5.00%, finance amount: 80% of appraised value, fixed rate, payroll deduction.

Home Equity:Loans booked on Credit Union - Up to 15 year financing; rate 1% above Prime Rate, Finance 80% of ‘sellable equity’, fixed rate, 5 year draw period.

(Purchase)Loans booked on Credit Union - Up to 10 years financing, 80% appraised value, rate 3% above Prime Rate.

(Non-Purchase)Loans booked on Credit Union - up to 5 years financing, 80% appraised value, rate 3% above Prime Rate. For complete information and closing costs for Real estate loans, contact the Credit Union


Share Secured

Need to borrow a little money from yourself?
Instead of making a withdrawal from your savings account think about getting a loan. You've worked hard to get that savings balance where it is, it may be hard to put it back once you've made that withdrawal. So think about a share/share certificate secured loan. The rate you pay on the loan is only 2% above the rate you are being paid on your savings. Need more information give us a call or stop by the credit union.

Line of Credit/Signature

The credit union offers its quailfied members the ability to open a line of credit/signature loan for those unexpected small purchases. Your line of credit can also be used as an overdraft protection option on your share draft/checking account.


Discover the convenience and worldwide acceptance of our credit cards. With our low rates and no annual fees, a credit card from your Credit Union is an ideal way to pay for purchases and travel expenses.

Visa Account Opening Disclosure


We make your car buying experience a breeze! Finance your new or used car, truck or van at your Credit Union. We offer flexible financing terms and competitive rates. Get pre-approved for your next vehicle loan and be prepared to deal with the dealer. Make sure you give your credit union a call before you sign the dotted line.

Vehicles will include all on-the-road, tagged vehicles.

Advanced Amount:

New Vehicles advance up to MSRP + tax, title, Gap, Warranty and tag expense for well qualified buyer. 72 month terms available on New Vehicles.

Used vehicles will be financed similarily at up to NADA retail value + Gap, Warranty, tax and tag expense for well qualified buyers. 60 months max term on used.

Motor Homes

Your Credit Union offers financing on Motorhomes for up to five (5) years.

New - financing based on invoice price
Used - financing based on NADA retail vlaue

Mobile Homes

New Mobile Homes may be financed at 80% of selling price up to 120 months.

Used Mobile Homes may be financed at 70% of selling price up to 120 months.
Mobile Homes with Land will be financed as Real Estate

Other Equipment

Whatever your loan need may be, be sure to check with your credit union before financing your purchase. Call your credit union today and let us help you finance your next purchase large or small.